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Strange Sensations Feel Fuzzy in the Design Museum Kensington

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I finally made time to visit the ASMR exposition a few days ago. So with eager anticipation I set off to see how its protagonists would present the vast world that is ASMR. I am pleased to say it was a pleasant and really quite immersive experience. To start, there was a collection of various motion graphic videos which evoked a soothing pattern, such as ‘Cactus Cuddle’ or ‘Slice it Up’. It felt quite meditative and strangely calming. If I had more time I would have lingered to look at these much longer than I actually did. Further into the exposition there was a bit of history of ASMR, the first ASMR Facebook charter as well as explanations by different ASMRtists in a creative ASMR way what the phenomena ASMR actually means to them and to their viewers. A few steps down and I came across the old ASMR favourite, the softly spoken Rob Ross and his paintings, gently instructing on the art of painting while generating subtle sounds with his brush and a magic warm closeness. Next, I approached a studio-like live space where I tried different microphones, tactile materials like brushes, cloth, fluid sounds and fabric against my skin to experience their touch and feel. The sound interconnected with movement and touch was meant to yet again show a different angle of ASMR. Another part of this ASMR expo was in a unique quirky space where you could sit, lie down and just chill, watching different videos with intentional as well as unintentional ASMR. They would have different triggers inwoven in them be it whispering, soft speech, calm steady voice, delicate movements, focused visuals, gentle task, something for every ASMR enthusiast. The two videos ASMR I enjoyed most were: Virgin Atlantic ASMR 2021 and Haircut Harry (Traditional Japanese Wet Shave by Cool 76 Year Old Kyoto Barber) The. strangest items in the exposition for me were: Rubber tongue and Artificial skin for mobile If you are into ASMR I recommend going to see for yourself this event in West London and of course if you would like to visit me in my studio in Southwark, Central London, I am here for you from 20st of January 2023. I provide live ASMR and hope to impart in you a tingling feeling and provide space for some “me time” whilst you relax in our beautiful and calming studio.

Tingling Warm Wishes

Su xx


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