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ASMR positive effects "supported by empirical research findings"

Whether it be live ASMR sessions provided by me in my London Bridge cozy studio or ASMR videos online, they all are the perfect non-medical antidote to stress as they promote wellbeing, sleep and overall relaxation, according to a published new study in PLOS ONE open-access journal. Furthermore ASMR may be helpful as a psychological intervention for people prone to anxiety in general.

Try my live ASMR session for yourself, full of whispering, different crispy and soft sounds, light touch all magnified with the help of quality microphones around. Combine your session with further therapies be it positive affirmations, Hawaiian 🌺 Lomi Lomi massage, magnetic therapy, quality red light therapy or sound healing with potent sacred Tibetan bowls.

Peace and light

Su xx


Medscape UK, 'Strong Support' for ASMR as a Treatment for Anxiety', by Rob Hicks, MB BS, Feb 2, 2022.

Plos One, 'Untangling the tingle: Investigating the association between the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), neuroticism, and trait & state anxiety" by Charlotte M. Eid, Colin Hamilton, Joanna M.H.Greer. Published Feb 2, 2022.



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