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Mari is a skilful therapist practicing since 2019 in the art of massage, rejuvenating body relaxation and spiritual peace and healing. Mari has a soothing nature, warmness of heart and a pleasant lightness of being energy around her. 

Mari enjoys giving relaxation modalities to anyone be it seekers of a stress relief from hectic and busy London life, visitors to London who need to unwind from London's business or anyone looking to promote their creativity as well as positivity. 

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Mari's Accreditations
&  Workshops Attended:

Aromatherapy complementary therapy


Lymphatic drainage massage


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage

Relaxing Swedish massage

Feet massage


Indian Head massage with Facial massage


Tibetan Healing Bowls self study

asmr therapist in london bridge-min.jpg

Mari's Interests

Mari loves animals and exercise such as yoga, pilates and dance. She loves to to go places where she can have contact with nature and practice mindfulness - feel the air, the sun, touch the grass, and flowers, smell them and feel the peace around her. One of her favourite things is to go to a warm sunny beach and practice Earthing; to walk on the sand to get grounded and feel the natural energy of the Earth as well as enjoy the sea water to neutralise her body and mind. Traveling around the world and meeting new people and immerse in other cultures is her passion.

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Mari and ASMR

Thanks to Mari's gentle, tranquil and natural demeanour she is an ideal ASMR practitioner. 

I have received a deeply relaxing session by Mari and could not recommend her enough for our sessions seekers. 

Mari carefully pays attention to each client, tailoring sessions to their needs. Mari has soft hands which can work wonders bringing about wonderful ASMR effects be it with deeply relaxing head massage, facial massage including natural jade visage, hair brushing and hair play, utilising our gentle sound instruments with amazing soft sounds. Her calming and soothing whispering lets any anxiety slip away in an instance, bringing a sense of comfort and tingling sensations.  

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