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About Our

Relaxation Therapy 

Our Live ASMR sessions are the most popular, especially 90min duration

ASMR Scalp
Massage & Spa

(With or Without Natural Oils)

In our live ASMR sessions we aim for a wondrous "brain melting" 5* Scalp Spa. 

Immerse yourself in amazing brainwave sensations while your scalp and hair are getting naturally moisturised and cared for with personal attention.

ASMR Effect:

As we am ourselves fans of live ASMR (online ASMR does not work for me), we tend to cater for our ASMR clients in the way we would like ourselves to experience ASMR.

At the same time we listen to your idea of ASMR as we realise for different people there are different ASMR triggers. 

We use various sounds including whispering, tapping, rubbing hands, and the like alongside visuals with the aim of achieving the amazing so called 'braingasm', all while giving you a carefully curated scalp massage spa.

I am happy to customise the session to your needs if you let me know in advance. If you so wish I can use optional affirmation statements geared toward your needs as it can be a useful tool given in ASMR we often enter the Alpha stage or deeper wavelength, which is the gateway into the amazing and very powerful subconscious mind.

“ASMR is not only linked with having multi-sensory experiences but is also associated with individual differences in personality traits.”

- Janik McErlean

Benefits of
ASMR Scalp
Massage & Spa
Gentle Sound

There are so many potential benefits of ASMR it remains for everyone to explore how it can benefit to them. ASMR is still a relatively new acknowledged phenomenon event though it has existed for centuries if not millenias under 'no name' as such. Here are some Benefits of ASMR . 

Let's not under estimate the benefits of a skilful scalp massage. I use comfortably warm oil from a glass bottle to increase the natural benefits from the oils. I rub my hands together with the oil, use my finger pads to work oil into your scalp and hair using various motions including circular movement. A mix of gentle and more firm motions, stroking, hair brushing and hair play, parting your hair, relaxing movements combined with sounds, whisper, love and magic to help enhance your positive and inner well being energy.

Numerous research studies all point to the following in regard to an effective scalp massage:

* promotes blood circulation in the head and neck area. 

* makes the roots of the hair stronger and and encourages new hair growth and nourishes existing hair-shafts. 

* relaxes muscles in the scalp area

I always encourage my clients to leave in oils I use on their scalp for as long as possible for the utmost nourishment of their skin and hair.  I understand of course, if you cannot opt for scalp spa in which case we do Live ASMR and dry scalp massage only.


I have a clean and comfortable shower facility where you will have the opportunity to wash your hair after our treatment and with natural and gentle shampoos and conditioners provided. 

Base Oils We Use for my Live ASMR and their Benefits

I mix natural carrier oils with wonderful essential oils which are super helpful as part of your hair and scalp care as they penetrate into the sebaceous glands, follicles and hair shafts which results in shinier happier hair as well as better hair growth and encouraging new hair. 


Coconut Oil - with its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties helps to moisturise and nourish the scalp, alongside treating scalp conditions such as dandruff.

Sweet Almond Oil - perfect hair strengthener 

Essential Oils We use for your ASMR Treatment

I use hight quality DoTerra aromatherapy drops, i.e. a combination of Tea tree oil, Clary Sage, Thyme Oil, Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender oils. 

They all have amazing benefits for your scalp and hair in form of improving hair growth, hair strength and thickness, cellular generation, better blood circulation and anti dandruff properties. 


ASMR Sound Instruments 

If you would also like to add sound instruments to your ASMR Live session such as healing sound Tibetan bowls or wooden African gentle sound instruments including rain stick and maracas, we can incorporate these. I am always happy to customise session for you. 

What are Your ASMR Triggers?

As we are all unique individuals it would be helpful to know what set of triggers could possibly work for you in our session.  

Some examples are:

  •  Whispering

  • Personal attention

  • Ambient sounds

  • Soft talking 

  • Head scratching

  • Head tapping

  • Hair play

  • Hair brushing

  • Soft face massage

  • Scents

  • Mouth sounds

  • Ear brushing

  • Physical touch 

  • Gentle touch 

  • Tingly tools - make up brushes, fuzzy fabrics, scalp massager, feathery items..

  • Gua sha

  • Facial

  • 3rd Eye Massage

It is always useful to know your triggers before coming for your relaxation session with us. Any of the above we provide and we might as well be able to accommodate your other ideal triggers you might have, please let us know. Much appreciated. 

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