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About Su

I’ve been practicing alternative modalities of healing since 2018. I love and enjoy empowering clients to reach for their own healer and self-therapist within ourselves and discover the dormant power of self-help and self-healing. 

As a gentle and understanding Holistic Therapist, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between holistic and western medicine while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which I practice. I am always looking to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for anyone.

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My Credentials:

ASMR Bachelor - ASMR University, May 2022

ASMR Master Candidate - ASMR University, expected in summer 2023

Vibrational Sound Healing - Sound Energy Medicine Centre & Vibroacoustic Therapy Association - March 2019

Magnetic Therapy - Total Therapy Training, May 2019

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage - Huna Quest, July 2018

Red Light Therapy - Self-study 

Anatomy and Physiology, 2014.

My Interests: 

I enjoy to delve into anything self development related, be it psychology, consciousness and subconscious mind, healing, shamanism, alternative modalities, nature and more. I love traveling and observing different cultures and beliefs. I enjoy sport and a spectrum of wholesome food. 

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How did I become an ASMR practitioner?

microphone is great to augment asmr effects

Ever since I was a child from time to time I would spontaneously experience the ASMR effect. At that time I did not know it under such a name and I thought it was strange and that no one else felt this phenomena. 


Occassionaly when feeling the ASMR effect I would feel a rush of very pleasant sensations in my head which would then spread throughout my body and I did not want this to stop. Usually this happened in quieter environments where one person would do something close to me in a soft manner usually with the hands and paying close attention to their work. Or if someone would play with my hair, do a hair style in a gentle way.  I never really talked about it with anyone as it was hard to explain and, in retrospect, I never imagined there must have been many others having similar experiences. 


It was only few years ago when I started being told by people that "I feel like someone with ASMR effect" though I did not know what that acronym stood for. I started researching and realized how many more people experience these sensations and what it means for them...


During my research as well as from my experience I discovered that via Live ASMR one can also switch do different brain wavelength, from Alpha to Theta, and this is where lots of magic can happen as the gates of the subconscious can absorb much easier than when we are in our conscious Beta wavelength.


As I have been interested in various modalities over the years including meditation, various breathworks, hypnotherapy, mind over body healing etc I find ASMR full of potential. Not only can it be used as a great deep relaxation tool but can also be used with affirmations which go much deeper if one is in a deep state of bliss. 


I thoroughly enjoy giving Live ASMR in my studio in Central London and welcome anyone into my tranquill and positive green space. I am happy to customize ASMR to the best of benefit of you. 


Much harmony and love,



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