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Ho'oponopono and Lomi Lomi Massage

Ho'oponopono is about forgiveness and transcending the physical body to reach a physical, emotional and mental health unity and balance. Ho'oponopono's lose definition means to 'make right', going back to and be part of harmony. Given we are all interconnected and everything is, at the atomic, fluid, if one feels in balance, harmony and in a healthy self-love, this will become contagious. One's energy can either bring light and positive vibe to a room or make it a bleak and unhappy ambiance.

When using ho-oponopono within Lomi Lomi massage, the therapist is using a healing mantra for herself and in effect this is spread out towards the receiver of this healing arts ancient body work. Maintaining one's happy, loving energy and own personal vitality can help with emotional healing of Lomi Lomi receiver. It can be a wonderful gift for both mind, body and soul leaving behind a stuck negative energy and emotional baggage. Increasing experiences of love, joy, happiness and gratitude with the gift of ho-oponopono is worth the while 🌺


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