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Does ASMR Have Any Health Benefits?

You might be surprised to find out that there is increasingly more scientific studies and research done into ASMR, its effectiveness and benefits. Even if not everyone responds in form of tingles/'braingasm' (about 65% of receivers experience this phenomenon) it still has a deeply relaxing effect. Everyone experiences ASMR differently. Let us look at just some health benefits a receiver of ASMR can receive.

  1. Lower heart rate and increases skin conductance

  2. Activate certain brain regions

  3. Lowers heart rate

  4. Supports relaxation

  5. Increases a sense of calm

  6. Alleviation of stress

  7. Anxiety reduction

  8. Help with panic disorders

  9. Help with sleep

  10. Alleviation of sadness

  11. Positive improvement in mood and alleviation of depression

  12. Help with AD(H)D in way of a better focus

  13. Alleviation of chronic pain

Everybody perceives ASMR differently and can feel receiving different benefits from this alternative relaxation modality. We offer LIVE customised ASMR sessions in London with or without your personalised affirmations for the best benefit. Try for yourself today 💛


Health Benefits of ASMR, ASMR University.


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